1991 Custom Shop Sunburst Fender Stratocaster

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Hey Gang, Where do we start? It's an early Fender Custom Shop Strat. I purchased this from Gayle Castro's grandson. Gayle was John Page's assistant at Fender for years. And I had a great conversation with him as we haven't spoke for years. It was great to catch up and he was as cool as ever. Ok, here's the story from Gayle to her grandson. The Strat was made for Richie Sambora or JBJ. Apparently, once it was finished and presented to them, they weren't too keen on it. It had to be Richie, because JBJ doesn't really play solid bodies. Apparently, they didn't like the grain on the back of the guitar, which is the coolest part of the guitar! Matter of fact, the back is !!! awesome !!! The back almost looks like black Korina which is actual mineral staining that would never leave the shop unless it was made for someone. And the ash top is perfectly clear. She weighs in at 7.85 lbs. The thing is that it doesn't have the sharp "V" neck like a '57. Actually, it's more like a '58. The neck was formed by the master, Gastelum. Jay Madore was the technician. If you look at the neck pickup route, which reads "051" represents the body was pull off the line for a special build. "Breaking News!" So, further info I've just received is that it looks like a very early '54 Strat two-tone, without the proper radius at the peghead which were used on the 57's and '58's. The W.D. at the butt of the neck represents the customer's name who it was made for. And the radius is between a 1.5" and a 1.63" The "#2"  represents a very, very soft V shape. At that time, the Custom Shop was working with Sambora and may have put it together for him to check it out. Maybe, but can't confirm. The guitar is in a 9.9 condition. Any marks on this guitar, which the eye can see, are from sitting in the case for over 30 years Ahh! What marks? Again, the grain on the back of this Strat is just killer. Blow the pics up on this site and check the whole guitar out. Give me a shout!



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