IA Industrial Amp Club Series Overdrive 15 Rare Completely Hand Wired Class AB Celestian Vintage 30

定價 $1,695.00


Hey Gang,  If you've never played one, you don't know what you're missing. These amps are pretty rare especially in white tolex. Hand wirer, 6V6's, Celestian Vintage 30. it's one of the best 15 watters I have ever heard. Distortion plus. Great for stage, studio, club or 4 car garage! You will not be disappointed. Wow, do we have something special here... some of the most gnarly and organic overdrive you'll ever hear. Goes toe to toe with the Park combos. This amp rules. So much bite through Celestian Vintage 30. The most beautiful breakup.. Gain to 5, master to 10, and this thing will knock you into next year. Packs a serious punch. An obscure brand with the real deal classic rock tone. Walsh tones and Sabbath tones had a baby. Killer for an SG or old Tele. A monster for recording. If you need any further info on the I Amps Club Series 1x12, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH.

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