1980's Mitchell 2x12 Sand Cab Amp

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  Super Rare 1980's Mitchell 2x12 Sand Cab Amp with Blues Breaker Tone!

Super cool & super rare early 80’s Mitchell Sand Cab Amp with original 2x12 Eminence speakers! Legend has it that, back in the 70’s, there was a shop “Sound & Guitar” in Riverside, CA, owned by a one Tommy Mitchell. Him & his brother are said to have started the Mitchell Speaker Company. Tommy envisioned a concept of blocking off the top and bottom corners of the back of the inside of the amp with sand to create a barrier of sorts, minimizing unwanted vibration. He sometimes used up to an inch of thick wood on some of this amps to garner the same effect. This is the little bit of knowledge we have on this amp, and we’re not entirely sure what is fact and what is fiction!
      It has girth, depth and dimension. Keep it clean, sweet and rich or crank it up for a bold, furious roar that retains its edge and cutting power amid heavy, heavy overdrive. From Killer Chicago Blues to all out Rock & Roll, to Smokin' Jazz to Country Kid Rock! This is a very wonderful Amp. Not a high dollar piece, but pretty nice for the money. Actually, a SUPERB amp for the money. Not a lot of these floating around that are in decent shape. She does sound like a freight train and that's pretty darn good! The cab, chassis and speaker are FAIRLY nice. She's in real honest FAIR condition. No repairs. I would say she's darn near a 6.5 condition if not better.
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